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Looking for design materials?

If you are looking for high-quality design materials that follow the latest trends, you are in the perfect place!
In our store you will not only find product samples or pattern books, but also catalogues and decor textures in downloadable versions.
The wealth of materials and decors allows you to create interiors that are fully tailored to individual needs.
Pfleiderer not only provides a wide range of products but also inspires - gives ideas, proposes combinations and interesting solutions.
The design materials offered in our store encourage you to create projects with outstanding design. The wide range of products provides a rich source of inspiration. This is also our priority - we have created a place that motivates exploration and suggests a range of design possibilities.
Whether you have a specific vision or are looking for new ideas - you are at the right place!

Design materials

All information available at your fingertips.
The design materials available in our store clearly present information about products and their qualities. This makes them an important source of inspiration and knowledge for your design work.
Order samples or download textures. Take advantage of tools that encourage you to create original designs.

Product samples

Order product samples quickly and easily.
Ready-made samples allow you to test a particular material, decor or structure - its properties, decorative qualities and, above all, how it looks in real life. They are an important working tool and allow you to create original combinations. In our shop you can order samples of products from the wide Pfleiderer offer.